Sunday, April 27, 2014

TEDx Talk and Guitar Cover

     Hello, all! I hope all is well. I have been on spring break this week, which has given me time to think about and get a handle on my presentation. Through much deliberation, I have concluded that I am going to talk about the importance of failure. If someone never fails, they will never be able to grow as a person. People need to fail. If people never fail, they will never learn. I read a fantastic quote about the topic of my project, and it was something along the lines of "A mistake is only a mistake if you fail to learn from it" That is the key to failing successfully. If one fails, it will show them what needs to be changed in order to be successful, if they choose to learn from it. Now that I have made this conclusion, I still question why I fear failure. Failure is not something to be afraid of since it is the only way to learn. By using the term learn, I do not mean as in memorizing or "learning" terms out of a textbook, I mean it in the sense of growing as a person, and learning how to be better and improve yourself and your skills. Failure is not something to be afraid of, is is something to be valued, since it is one of the most important parts of learning.

     Embedded above is a video of me playing Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood. It is a fairly easy song, but it requires a capo on the third fret. I do not own a capo, so I had to do some improvising. I tuned all of the strings up a step and a half in order to simulate having a capo on the third fret. It sounds just fine to me, so I am happy that my improvising worked. I hope you enjoy it, even though my singing is under par. I have also been working on another song, called Blue Blood Blues by The Dead Weather. That is a very challenging song with numerous riffs spanning numerous strings and a majority of the fret board. I have two of the four riffs down, and I wanted to play it for you all, but I wouldn't be able to play much of the song. I chose this one because it is much different from all of the other song I know how to play so it would expand my range of genres. Anyways, thanks for reading!


  1. I've said this before and I'll say it again: I am so impressed with your insight about failure. Despite the fear of failing, you understand what I wish I knew long ago (it would have saved me from a lot of angst and stress): failure is the only way to learn how to get better at something! It was fun to see a new video of you playing the guitar; it has been a while since you posted a video of instruments on your blog! It's cool seeing you go back to playing as part of your project even though you've been focusing on the ideas for your presentation and the concept of failure as a motivator. You have real musical talent! Awesome work :)


    1. Thank you so much! I have put the instruments down for a while because of my focus on the larger ideas and school work, but it felt good to start playing again! I really appreciate your support and insight! Thanks!